Applications (viewers)

These are basic database viewers that can view databases.


  • cinema project main repository. Contains database specifications and submodules for all released Cinema code, including the following sub projects:
    • Viewers
      • cinema_explorer, a Spec D viewer based on a parallel coordinates widget. This viewer promotes interaction with the entire Cinema database and parameter space.
      • cinema_simpleviewers, a set of simple viewers for Spec D that can be easily changed to fit specific needs. These viewers are examples intended to be modified.
    • Writers
      • cinema_ lib, a python-based command line tool and associated modules that implements the cinema command line tool and various algorithms (statistics, image-based algorithms, etc.) that can be run on the databases.
  • cinema_python API. A python module for loading, searching and creating cinema stores, with adaptors to visualization packages including VTK and ParaView.
  • qt-viewer. A desktop application that lets you interactively explore cinema Spec A and Spec C databases.